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Demanda alega que Capcom robó fotos de Resident Evil y Devil May Cry

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Imprimir pantalla: Capcom

Un diseñador está demandando a Capcom por el uso indebido de material con licencia, Polígono informes. Según una demanda presentada el viernes, Capcom utilizó fotografías sin licencia como activos artísticos en Resident Evil 4, El diablo puede llorary otros juegos.

Judy A. Juracek, autora y artista, presentó Disfraz en el Tribunal de Distrito de los Estados Unidos en Connecticut el viernes. En 1996, Juracek publicó Surfaces: Visual Research For Artists, Architects, And Designers, a compendium of detailed photographs largely focusing on surface textures and how they change over time. In addition to interviews with a handful of design experts, the book is intended to allow people to use those photos in projects. But, as Friday’s suit states, using the photos for commercial purposes requires a licensing fee, which Capcom allegedly did not pay.

Juracek supplemented the complaint with more than 100 pages of supporting documents, showing photographic comparisons between screenshots of Capcom’s video games and photographs from Surfaces. In one, you can clearly see the facade of a door in Surfaces matching the facade of a door in Resident Evil. Another photo directly mirrors the cracked-glass designed that characterizes the “4″ in the Resident Evil 4 logo.

Theoretically, it is very technically possible that, in making these games, Capcom sent photographers to each and every cited location in Juracek’s tome. That seems highly unlikely, and would be a high bar to clear in court.

Friday’s suit states that Capcom owes Juracek anywhere from $2,500 to $25,000 per photo, and says that Capcom unlawfully used around 80 photos in total. The suit also claims Capcom could owe Juracek up to $12 million for copyright infringement, alongside legal fees. Lawyers are requesting a jury trial.

Capcom told Polygon it is “aware of the lawsuit” but declined to comment further to the outlet.

Leer Polígonoinforme desde aquí, que incluye una copia cargada del reclamo y las vistas completas.

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